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It is easy to become captivated by the Yukon – there is something about the wilderness and beauty that invites you to slow down and enjoy the pace of the final frontier: to hug the stars and dance to the Northern Lights, or walk through boreal forests under the midnight sun. Its rich and unique past and pioneering spirit offers visitors a warm, generous and genuine welcome.

Golden Skies + Cities

When First Nations carvings tower beneath a flashing sky of green and gold, you know you are somewhere special. Start your pioneer adventure in Whitehorse, home of the gold rush and gateway into the wilderness of Yukon.

Less than a century ago, glittering metal was discovered in the Klondike and the rise and fall of the gold rush followed. You can still see traces of it clinging to the town, from the old tramways to the steamship relic.

The Alaska Highway

Journey along the Alaska Highway into a land of mountains, bison, wildflowers, and the tundra that envelopes you entirely. Tiny towns scatter these legendary lands, invoking a sense of wonder at the lives the locals must live in the wild. Hit the famed signpost forest near Watson Lake where the trees are adorned with over 10 thousand signs from around the globe.

Tiny Towns + Local Tastes

Campbell Highway will show you the sights of meandering rivers and mirage like lakes – bodies of water few enquiring eyes have seen. Head to Faro and see the sprawl of the giant Faro lead zinc mine. The waters here take on curious colours – tinged by saffron yellows and neon turquoise shades.

Head further into the north, where moose, caribou and grizzly bears hunt in the woodlands. Dine in Dawson City where local fare brings fresh fish and farmer’s market goodies from the hearth to the table.

Eagle Plains + Ice Giants

There is something hauntingly beautiful about the wide flat plains that sit at the heart of Yukon. The Dempster Highway is often described as the road to nowhere, but there is poetry in these plains that takes you along craggy tombstones, razored riverbanks and lands once inhabited by ice age giants.

Gazing out the window its easy to picture mammoths and scimitar cats roaming, now these have been replaced by the lonesome howl of wolves and caribou on the fringes.

The Edge of the Arctic Circle

Follow the waterway of the Mackenzie River to the edge of the Arctic Circle and discover one of the oldest nations in Canada at Inuvik. Winters here are apocalyptic howling winds, frozen flakes, and a sea of ice but the Inuit community thrives with stunning art, song and dance, and impeccable survival skills.

Trader Spots + the Road South

The path back to Eagle Plains showcases historic churches and outposts that were once famed for their prized animal pelts. Take your time for a closer look at these trader spots before continuing south. Sip locally sourced tea in the Tombstone Territorial Park and hit all the historical points of interest on your way back to Dawson City.

As the evening closes in on the Klondike, you can climb the Midnight Dome for dramatic vistas across the town and the whole of Yukon fading into the horizon.

Stop at the Top of the World

Cross the Yukon River and follow the Top of the World Highway as you head for the borderlands of Alaska USA. As you pass through misty mornings, bronzed mountains, and roads that wind above the timberline, you truly do feel as though you are grazing the sky.

The town of Chicken serves up a dollop of local life –  baked salmon is the specialty here and the local saloon is rumoured to have witnessed many a wild night. But away from the clanging shot glasses, Beaver Creek provides a restful retreat for the night, with its remote vibes and pint-sized ski resorts.

Glaciers + Mountains

A short drive towards Haines Junction leaves plenty of space for exploring the whimsical shores of Lake Kluane. Rock and ice and glaciers punctuate every turn, making for a spellbinding sight and tours of bright blue pockets of water, Dall sheep balancing on snow heavy ridges, and otherworldly trails lined with berry laden bushes.

First Nation Feasts

As you take the final journey back to Whitehorse, stop at the village of Champagne where a First Nations tour will lend a sensory adventure to the ancient culture and customs of Canada’s aboriginal heritage. Witness old world hunting practices and participate in food preparation techniques from yesteryear as you sip special tea and munch on freshly baked bannock bread.

Local Lore in Whitehorse

Before heading home, there is time to explore the wonders of Whitehorse. The foaming waters of the rapids, the fascinating gold rush history, and the scenic yet treacherous setting of Miles Canyon offer a great backdrop for stories that tumble from local lore. From the SS Klondike to the MacBride Museum, fill in the gaps of this glorious place.


13 nights' accommodation, sightseeing + ferry crossing as specified, road book containing essential travel information.

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