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It is hard to believe that there are 17,000 islands that make up the nation Indonesia, each unique in culture, religion and heritage.  By far the most popular is Bali that draws in the visitor with its promise of laid back beach culture of Seminyak and beyond, the spirituality of Ubud and the more remote black sand beaches of the north in Lovinia.  Visit Lombok and immediately tune into a different pace, much quieter, different ethnicity and famous for its hand-woven textiles and pristine beaches.  Off the coast you will find three islands affectionately named The Gilis – each different in character but all with palm fringed beaches and coral reefs just offshore. From here, and Bali take an extended tour to Komodo famous for reticulated reptiles and a pink crystal beach. Wherever you set down your beach towel or yoga mat, breathe in the surroundings and chill.