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Discover South East Asia

As distinctive as the flavours of the region’s food, listen to the rhythm of tides on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, discover imperial cities and temple kingdoms with hints of saffron robes, be surrounded by soaring limestone cliffs and terraced rice paddies, or lulled by the serenity in a longboat along the Mekong.

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From the melange of Thailand’s colours, scents and flavours, the hushed beauty of landlocked Laos, the ancient Khmer empire and series of Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia, Vietnam’s mix of beachfront resorts, misty limestone bays and wide boulevards, to Myanmar, a land of dazzling stupas and temple dotted plains.

Turn the compass south down the peninsula to Malaysia with its melting pot of cultures, to Singapore which has metamorphosed into a destination rather than a stopover with its world-class food and heart-stopping skyline.

Then there is the allure of Indonesia, temple offerings with the scent of frangipani on warm balmy evenings, cocktails in coconuts watching a Bali sunset on the beach, salutes to the sun in a yoga retreat in Ubud.

Visit beautiful Buddhist temples for a glimpse into philosophical set of beliefs.

Visit beautiful Buddhist temples for a glimpse into philosophical set of beliefs.



Rural country scenes in central Bali, farming the rice paddies.


The daily ritual of single file monks walking in the early morning in the streets of Luang Prabang, Laos


Deep in the Bornean Rainforest in search of the famous Orang Utan.


Painted circles and lines using thanaka paste used as a skin lotion in Myanmar.


Vertical gardens between massive supertrees In Singapore


One of the most spectacular seascapes and landscapes in the world, limestone karsts sprout from the sea and make up 130 islands adjacent to Phang Nga Bay.


From Hanoi head north to Sapa in Vietname and the terraced rice fields.


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