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Travel for a few hours in any direction in Europe and you are immediately immersed in a new culture and a different language!

Walk amidst living history in cities where reminders of the past seem to be everywhere.  Lose yourself along cobblestone walkways in medieval cities like Bruges or Prague, traverse ancient trails through walled hilltop villages in Italy, take a barge cruise through the Loire Valley in France, or journey into the Basque heartland of northern Spain.

And the best part is tasting the variety of cuisines which become memories for the senses: the best gelato in Florence, a buttery croissant in Paris, tapas in Barcelona or the aroma of an espresso in Rome.


Be blown away in Prague with the cities beautiful architecture that radiate with colour during sunset

Eastern Europe

Fishing for herring in Sweden - the national dish


Jump off white limestone cliffs into azure seas and float with the current in Sardinia.

Southern Europe

Rows of purple lavender are symbols of Provence in France.

Western Europe

Explore the beautiful rugged coastline of the England

British Isles

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