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Discover Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s extraordinary past is reflected in its archaeological sites and treasures that merge with a kaleidoscope of peoples drawn from many different ethnic backgrounds, where unique century old religious festivals are celebrated against a backdrop of dramatic landscapes. Slow the pace and experience more.

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Explore the land that was once known as Abyssinia with a recorded history of over 3000 years representing nature, architecture, archaeology, prehistory, art and culture with a brilliantly diverse people following traditional ways of life, century old religious festivals, colourful celebrations and charming customs.

Marvel at the majesty of nature in the Simien Mountains with towering spires volcanic pinnacles, gaping gorges and gullys that inspired the Greek poet, Homer, to imagine these to be the “chess pieces of the Gods” where standing on the edge of an escarpment the view extends eastward to Eritrea.

Take a journey into the south Omo Valley, often called a cultural Garden of Eden and a living museum and visit some of most interesting people of Ethiopia with their unique language and traditions such as the distinctive Mursi people with their lip plates, and the Karo tribe who paint their bodies and faces with white chalk in preparation for ceremonies.

The Mursi tribe are well known for their unique lip plates.

The Mursi tribe are well known for their unique lip plates.