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5 Ways Experiential Travel Will Change Your Life

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5 Ways Experiential Travel Will Change Your Life


What’s your favourite travel memory? Is it hanging out with a few locals having a brew and a game of darts in an English pub? Or learning how to make homemade passata with a lovely Nonna in Naples? There’s a common theme here; often, the most memorable holidays are the most authentic, immersive experiences.

Experiential travel is all about immersing yourself into the best of the destination, including food, culture, people and history. A great travel experience can change the way you see the world forever, and experiential travel gives you the best opportunity to see things from a new perspective.

Experiential travel, or immersive travel, is a relatively new ‘trend’ in the travel industry, but the sentiment has been around for as long as tourism. Getting up close with the local culture, history and people of your holiday destination is something we all crave, but it’s only recently that travel companies have offered experiential travel as a specialist service.

Here are five ways experiential travel will change your life.

Traditionally the Himba women don't bath each day and instead take a sweat bath then cover themselves in mud which is the consistency of talcum powder used to act as a sunscreen and moisturiser.

Visit the Himba people in Namibia and learn about their unique way of life in the desert.

It’s authentic and real

Experiential travel is as authentic as it gets. Experiential travel packages allow you to immerse yourself into the local culture, meet friendly local people and eat delicious (and adventurous) local cuisine. Whether it’s an overnight stay in a remote Thai village or visiting a nomadic tribe in Namibia, you’ll be sure to discover something amazing when immersing yourself completely in your destination of choice.

Venture Far Insight: Be adventurous and keep an open mind on your next venture. What once might have been a little scary or daunting could be something you’ll remember fondly for the rest of your life.

Eastern Discovery Liberty Bell Philadelphia is very popular amongst tourists

Visit the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, USA, and learn about the region’s fascinating political history.

It’s educational

If you want to learn something new or discover something amazing about the world we live in, an experiential travel package is your best option. Immersive travel is all about learning; about the people, about the history and culture, and, most of all, about yourself. Learn about the turbulent political history of Boston and Philadelphia, or take a walking tour of some of London’s most interesting and historic pubs. Try something new or different and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn about yourself. You’ll make new friends, learn new skills, discover a budding talent and return from your travels a wiser person.

Venture Far Insight: Live like a local and try a homestay. Your host family will introduce you to all sorts of new and exciting things, and it’s the best way to learn everything about your home away from home.

Located on the hilly slopes 30km north of Denpasar, people are drawn to Ubud for spiritual rejuvenation.

Escape from reality on a tailored, relaxing holiday in a tropical paradise in Ubud, Bali.

 It’s tailored especially for you

Experiential travel packages are best suited to custom-built itineraries. By customising your travel itinerary, you can explain your travel style to your travel agent and they can find the best options especially for you. Ready-made travel packages made en-masse often ignore the hidden gems in favour of cheaper experiences that aren’t as authentic. Whether you’re after an adventurous trek through Hawaii’s mountainous terrain, or a relaxing detox on an island paradise, a tailored experience can help you uncover the best of your destination. While tailoring a holiday might seem a little more pricey up-front, just consider the incredible places you could visit and the experiences you could have on the holiday of your dreams, rather than selecting an itinerary with no flexibility.

Venture Far Insight: Set some goals for your next holiday and discuss what you’d like to learn or experience with your travel agent. Let them customise your itinerary, and leave some days free for exploring your surrounds at your own pace.

The Black Powwow showcases hundreds of Sioux performers drumming, singing and dancing competing for prizes.

Learn about Native American traditions and culture at the Black Hills Powwow in South Dakota, USA.

 It’s a responsible way to travel

As you’re seeking out the most authentic, real experiences possible, your choices are bound to be responsible ones. These decisions will preserve the history and culture and contribute to the economic well-being of the community. If you want to learn more about Native American history, a visit to the elaborate Black Hills Powwow for three days of traditional song and dance will remain in your memory for years to come, and help the community to continue telling their story into the future.

Venture Far Insight: Experiential travel is all about experiencing the local lifestyle as much as possible while minimising any negative impact you’ve had. Take care to select experiences that make an effort to support local communities and keep them open for future travellers.

Food is always a part of the Italian way of life and a great experience is to learn the basics of making golden pasta with egg at a cooking class in Tuscany.

Make golden pasta with egg at a cooking class in Tuscany.

 It’s lots of fun

Simply put, experiential travel is loads of fun. Whether you’re hiking through the Sri Lankan jungle, cooking up a storm in Tuscany or camping under the stars in the Rockies, you’ll be sure to return from your journey with a broad smile on your face. Meeting new friends and learning something new means that you’ll come back home with a new perspective on life, and some local contacts should you wish to return.

Venture Far Insight: Use social media to your advantage. It’s a great way to find new places to eat, connect with new friends and discover hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

Experience something new and unique on your next travel adventure.

Experience something new and unique on your next travel adventure.

 Our experiences make us who we are.

The old adage that ‘we are the sum of our experiences’ rings true when it comes to travel. When we learn something new about culture, history or people, we broaden our world perspective and change our lives forever.

To really get the most bang for your buck on your next holiday, look for experiential travel packages that will immerse you in the local culture, people and history. Experiential travel companies (like Venture Far) specialise in tailored holiday packages that give you opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Ready to experience something new on your next travel adventure? Contact our team of travel specialists and start planning now.

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