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Where to Travel in October

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Where to Travel in October

While it may be underrated by some, October is actually a fantastic month to plan your next excursion.


Our favourite places to visit in this month have warm and dry weather, either looking lush after a nice rinse having just completed the rainy season, or in the peak of autumn with leaves bursting in colour. Another plus on top of the gorgeous weather!

October travellers also get to enjoy off-peak travel prices (and off-peak crowds).

An 18 kms hike leads from Ke'e Beach to Kalalau Beach along the cliffs of the famous Na Pali coastline with breath-taking scenery that photos will never do it justice!

The breath-taking scenery as you hike the famous Kalalau Trail.

Hawaii: Island Paradise

October is a fantastic time to visit Hawaii. There is low rainfall and gorgeous weather, but you’ll also avoid the summer crowds and the peak travel prices during this month. The big island may have had an explosive year with the Kilauea volcano eruption, but it’s business as usual in paradise. In fact, travel has actually increased this year!

Start your journey on Oahu, the Big Island which south coast holds the very popular cities of Honolulu and Wakiki. While there, enjoy the Oahu Grand Circle Island Tour, a day trip on the island that proves why this island is called the ‘Heart of Hawaii’. This excursion is the perfect way to experience Oahu’s most scenic sights, unique culture and rich history.

Venture Far Recommendation – Hidden Treks of Hawaii: On foot your explorations will lead to famous and hidden wonders of Hawaii – follow trails to white, green and black sand beaches, giant craters, frozen lava lakes, stunning waterfalls and ancient rock art sites.

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The rock-bound coast and soaring granite cliffs of Bar Harbor, surrounded by Acadia National Park and located at the end of the sea.

There is a special mystery surrounding Maine’s Bar Harbor.

New England: Leafpeeper Season

Like many of our other favourite destinations, the crowds are gone and the accommodation rates have dipped in New England in October. The weather is typically lovely and sunny with refreshing cool breezes. But also — October is the perfect time to become a leafpeeper! What is leafpeeping, you may ask?

New England’s expansive land of gorgeous trees are famous for their incredible kaleidoscope of autumnal colours, making lazy drives to see the trees a common activity during these times. Not sure exactly where to start exploring this large American region? Check our the Top 9 Picturesque Towns of New England.

Venture Far Recommendation – The Best Road Trip Through New England: We recommend enjoying this region like a true American would and hitting the road! Our favourite road trip in this area will bring you from rugged coastlines to soaring mountains, quirky coastal towns to sprawling cities, historic dwellings to modern museums.

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Enjoy a tour of Rome featuring ancient sites and the picturesque Trastevere quarter.

Explore the ancient Trastevere area of Rome

Rome: City Escape

Most may believe the best times to visit Rome are over the most popular times of July and August – They’re popular for a reason, right? The truth is, Rome is often unbearably hot and unbearably crowded over the summer, while October has lovely, sunny weather and far fewer tourists. On top of all this – you will see a savings on your stay with ‘off peak’ rates.

With those savings, you might as well stay somewhere absolutely stunning and within a short walk from major attractions such as the Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese and the Presidential Palazzo del Quirinale! If you are looking for a stylish boutique hotel that meets these requirements, we recommend checking out the Hotel Mascagni and the Hotel Regno.

Venture Far Recommendation – Day Experiences in Rome: Not only is Rome the “Eternal City”, it has also been one of the most important centres of civilisation for the last 2,500+ years. Make sure to take time to explore the historic ruins, ancient monuments, beautiful churches and gardens.

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Fishermen on the Mekong.

Stunning images are captured forever whilst cruising the Mekong River.

Vietnam: Last Chance For Lower Rates

It’s the end of the rainy season in Vietnam. The weather is getting nicer, which means this will be the last month of the year to take advantage of any off-peak savings. Peak travel season is around the corner in November, so this is also a fantastic time to avoid the coming influx of tourists. Recreate old fashion elegance with modern comforts whilst on a classic Mekong River Cruise travelling up or downstream on a river cruise liner enjoying the leisurely pace of river life with an opportunity to see places not normally on the tourist trail.

Venture Far Recommendation – Highlights of Vietnam: Explore the best sights of Vietnam journeying across stunning landscapes and rural communities, witness fascinating cultures and vibrant cities where the energy is chaotic and exhilarating.

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An iconic landmark, the white chalk cliffs of Dover have stunning views, walks and an abundance of history.

The impressive White Cliffs of Dover – just a short trip from London.

United Kingdom: Style + Beauty

Autumn is a fantastic time to visit the U.K. as it’s typically warm and dry. In fact, if you want the best chance as clear skies in this infamous rainy country, September through November are probably the most dependable months. In October, though, the autumn colours are at their absolute best and crowds of tourists have died down. Schools generally break for a week at the end of the month so you may want to keep this in mind when planning your excursion.

Venture Far Recommendation – London to Edinburgh Adventure: A combination of the “Heart of England” and “York, the Dales, and Lake District” tours offers you an unforgettable journey through a selection of the most scenic and historic locations in England, Wales, and Scotland.

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