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The New Meaning of Luxury Travel

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The New Meaning of Luxury Travel

Travel is one of life's greatest luxuries

The concept of luxury travel, however, is changing – and the tourism industry and destinations alike are responding with open arms.

Luxury travel no longer means Michelin-starred restaurants, marble staircases and high-thread-count silk bed sheets. Luxury could mean anything to anyone, from extreme sports, hiking, camping, safaris to cooking workshops, eating and drinking experiences. Your perfect luxury escape is a personal, tailored travel experience, catered to your exact desires.

At Venture Far, we believe the true value of luxury travel is having the simple luxury of time; time to see the best of what the world has to offer, and the time to experience something new and exciting.

Here’s what luxury travel means to us:

Luxury travel is tailored

A truly luxurious travel adventure is one that has been tailored perfectly for you. A personalised itinerary that is catered to you and to you only is the ultimate in luxury travel. You can choose everything from how long you stay and where you’d like to stay, to how much free time you have or if you’d like a personal tour guide the whole way. The accommodation itself could vary from a 5-star boutique hotel to an eco lodge in a rainforest with no electricity – but the true luxury lies in being able to choose everything for yourself.

Luxury travel is tailored to you

Tailoring your next holiday to your exact wants and needs is the ultimate in luxury travel.

Luxury travel is authentic

Luxury travel is about authenticity, and having access to the people, places and experiences that define a destination is something truly special. Authenticity in travel is as important as ever to travellers, and for good reason. Luxury travellers want to be able to experience the local traditions and customs of a destination in a way that is real and true, not just constructed for the purpose of the tourism industry.

Luxury travel is all about authentic experiences

Get closer to the true spirit of your destination on an authentic travel experience.

Luxury travel is exclusive

Imagine being on a solo safari tour in South Africa: the sound of the breeze through the trees, uninterrupted mountain views, the smell of fresh grass under your feet, and no-one but you and your tour guide experiencing the amazing sights around you. Being able to experience something that no-one else has, or seeing something that not many after you will be able to see is truly luxurious. A one-on-one tour, workshop or experience provides the perfect balance of local insight, independence, flexibility and exclusivity. Travelling solo is the perfect way to achieve exclusivity on your next holiday.

Luxury travel provides exclusive, unique experiences.

Travelling solo could be one of the best travel decisions you’ll ever make.

Luxury travel is experiential

Experiential travel enables you to more deeply understand your destination of choice; food, culture, history, social life, nature, history and everything in between. By planning an experiential travel adventure, you are providing yourself with the luxury of truly connecting with the destination, rather than just viewing it from the traditional tourist hot-spots. Learn something new, take the time to reflect and discover a new side to the world on a luxury experiential holiday. Learn why experiential travel will change your life on our blog.

Luxury travel enables you to experience all that you can on your next holiday.

Experience all that your chosen destination has to offer without hesitation.

Luxury travel is immersive

Luxury travellers don’t want to just see or hear the destination they are in: they want to smell, taste and feel everything it has to offer. Immersive travel is getting down to the ground level of a destination and having the luxury, and great privilege, of participating in day-to-day local life. Immersing yourself into local customs and ways of life can change the way you see the world forever. By immersing yourself into the destination, you’ll live life differently and learn something new about the world, and about yourself.

Luxury travel is all about immersing yourself into a destination.

Delve deeper into the local customs, traditions and ways of life on your next holiday.

Luxury travel in mindful

At its heart, luxury travel is experiential and mindful; it’s all about the here and now. Having the luxury of unplugging your devices, opening your mind and being completely present in your current environment is an incredibly peaceful and relaxing way to travel. Holidays should never feel rushed or stressful, and the luxury of mindful travel means taking the time to wander, roam and explore at your own steady pace.

Practicing mindfulness on your next holiday is the ultimate in luxury travel.

Practicing mindfulness while travelling can help you to be completely present during your holiday.

Every travel adventure should be a luxury

Taking the time to step outside of your own environment and explore new and exciting places is not something all of us will be able to do very often, or often enough. That’s why, when we’re helping our travellers plan their next venture, we always take the time to ensure their itinerary is exactly as they had envisioned.

Each and every trip should be unforgettable, and we love helping our travellers create lifelong memories.