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Journey into the Heart of Indochina

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Journey into the Heart of Indochina

The first of our 2019-20 product range has hit travel agents nationwide – an expanded Indochina brochure that offers a fresh and interesting approach to experiential travel in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

More than ever, we want to inspire people through our brochure and website to embark on a journey into the heart of Indochina with a unique selection of tours to regions less travelled.


Venture Far experiences have their own narrative: from walking along Hanoi’s railways tracks and travelling the 36 backstreets of the Old Quarter, taking a tuk tuk around the gilded teak temples in the former royal capital Luang Prabang, or watching golden sunrises over symmetric stone towers at Angkor Wat and gold-leaf pagodas in Bagan.

Hotel options in each destination have been reviewed and offer a complete range from affordable through to boutique and luxury accommodation to suit every budget.

Some of the top highlights in the 19/20 Indochina program include

It is always the people you meet on either side of the border that will hold the most memories.

Cross border explorations reward the intrepid with rural scenes of village people.

Travel across borders and experience overland

Travel through rural landscapes that have remained unchanged, follow temple trails of past civilisations from gilded monasteries to golden rocks and discover the cultural and ethnic diversity of Indochina’s northern hill tribes.

Venture Far Recommendation – Overland from Hanoi to Luang Prabang: Cross mountainous terrain and discover the culture of northern minority hill tribes in northern Vietnam before crossing into Laos to cruise down the Mekong River to Luang Prabang.

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Reflections of gold along the Mekong.

One of the highlights of leisurely cruising the Mekong is to witness images of river life.

Cruise down majestic rivers

Or take a tranquil cruise down the majestic rivers of the Mekong or Ayeyarwady, where guests are taken back to a bygone era, when the pace slows down and the tapestry of river life unfolds from images of fishermen casting their nets to landscapes just beyond the banks. Explore daily floating markets along the backwaters and canals of the Mekong Delta.

Venture Far Recommendation – Classic Mekong River Cruise: Pass from the bustling delta of Vietnam travelling along the Mekong River into the rich countryside of Cambodia and the fascinating snapshots of river life, exploring the remote waterways until reaching the great monuments of Angkor in Siem Reap.

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Aerial View of Navutu Dreams Resort

Aerial View of Navutu Dreams Resort

Detox the body at a wellness retreat in Siem Reap

Detox the body surrounded by rural Cambodian scenescape of Siem Reap where wellness is a priority to regenerate the soul interspersed with temple hopping in Angkor in soothing tones of blue and white reminiscent of the Mediterranean with Italian style at the eco-chic Navutu Dreams Resort.

Venture Far Recommendation – Siem Reap – Yoga Meditation + Wellness: Sink into relax mode as you settle into your retreat for five days and begin your motivation with a sunset yoga session led by a wellness master. Days drift by slowly as you recharge and where daily practice reconnects inspiration training both body and mind.

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Cheroot smoking is a common sight around Inle Lake.

A common sight in Myanmar, an elderly woman smoking a cheroot (cigar).

Experience the highlights of Myanmar

Discover traditional teak villages, teahouses and small town markets with artisans from silks to cheroots on a small group tour of Myanmar. You will be drawn by the spiritualism, jaw-breaking historical beauty and wondrous sights such as Mandalay and Bagan – a thousand temples scattered across the countryside, the leg-rowers and floating gardens of Inle Lake.

Venture Far Recommendation – Highlights of Myanmar: Good things come to those who wait – Inle Lake is perhaps one of the most longed for destinations on the list of Myanmar. The lake is as large as the sea, fringed by whispering marshes, stilt houses, drifting gardens, temples and ethnic minorities.

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Rise early to watch Tak Bat, a sacred ritual held each morning where monks + novices collect food offerings from the locals.

Wake to the sound of bells, gongs + drums in Luang Prabang as monks and novices collect food offerings from local in a daily sacred ritual.

A personalised experience across Laos and Cambodia

In addition to the brochure, we offer a bespoke personalised service, building travel and touring arrangements to your individual and specific requirements. One of our favourite suggested itineraries is a personalised experiences through Laos and Cambodia – where saffron robed monks wander in-between tuk tuks and temples. This experience invites intrepid explorers to discover these lost cities in sheer luxury.

Venture Far Recommendation – The Ancient Wonders of Laos + Cambodia: Step into a world of ancient wonders, drift down the mighty Mekong River, and let temples and jungles appear like a dream right before your eyes.

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