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Who is Venture Far?

It is our ethos to be creatively adventurous – we go beyond the traditional “one-size-fits-all travel” + online booking platforms to provide a personal service that allows you to tailor your trip for your needs.

With 39 years of expertise and knowledge in travel we have built our reputation on organising high quality and bespoke holidays – whether they are tailor-made experiences with a travel agent, an organised group or directly for travellers.

We’re here to inspire, share our love to travel + utilise our network of expert travel collaborators to ensure we design immersive travel experiences that are unique to you. Travel is a luxury and we want to make sure your time away is memorable!

We understand that organising a dream holiday takes a serious amount of time to research and plan – and with the demands of work and life this time has become increasingly challenging to find. This is where we come in.

We take the hard work out of planning by seeking out and exploring destinations first hand before offering them to you. This wealth of knowledge allows us to provide more authentic, emotional travel experiences and ultimately greater flexibility in that way you choose to explore the world.

Enjoying a day out on in the lake in the Dolomites in Italy

“Venture Far is constantly pushing the boundaries of travel to provide an opportunity for people to discover new places and experiences. We are motivated to make these accessible in a way that is unique to each traveller’s emotions as they search to get lost in the thrill of travel.”

Robert Mackay – Managing Director

We aspire to push the boundaries of travel through creativity. We will provide a premium travel service that captures your inspiration, work with you through the planning + booking of your dream trip and be with you all the way on your holiday until you come home and start planning your next trip with us.

Iconic Styles

The world is a huge place and sometimes it can be hard to know where you want to go + what you want to do. To help make this easier we have broken down travel into 5 styles.

Be Active:

Walk or pedal through countryside or cities with creative itineraries finding hidden gems while absorbing the local landscape, culture, history + cuisine

Be Adventurous:

It’s not always about visiting an exotic destination – its seeing the world from a different perspective + stepping out of your comfort zone.

Be Curious:

Raise your energy levels by absorbing an eclectic mix or activities + sights while weaving your own narrative into the stories of those who have lived before

Be Indulgent:

Spoil yourself with whatever takes your fancy – whether it is under the stars in a tented lodge or 5 star luxury in the best hotels around the world.

Be Chilled:

When everyday life becomes too much, it’s time to take a break + breathe – reward yourself + swap your skyline + venture to distant horizons.

What we can do

Get You To and From Your Destination

  • Book Airfares
  • Private Transfers
  • Group Transfers

Find You a Place to Stay

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Homestays
  • Glamping
  • Lodges

Help You Experience as Much as Possible While There

  • Day Tours
  • Walking or Cycling Tours
  • Barge River Cruising
  • Safari’s
  • Cooking classes

How to Book

Call us

Call us on 1300 303 343

Work with us to create a personalised itinerary to meet your needs. We have years of knowledge that we want to pass on!

Email us


If you want our assistance, but are unable to talk, send an email with travel details and we will get back to you.